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La cérémonie laïque, symbole de votre amour

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Imagine your celebration to a beautiful flowery arch, near a romantic lake or on the edge of the forest and realize your dream with the professionalism of your French wedding celebrant.

Your secular ceremony will be unique between emotion and magic, modesty and feelings ... with sincerity and simplicity, the celebration is built around your family, your history, and the commitment you make to your loved ones.

Entrance of the bride in her father's arms, exchange of consent and alliances, songs and reading text : we offer and compose all the elements of that magic moment.

We contact your relatives and your bestmen to let them participate if they wish with a speech.

Romanticism, poetry and commitment ...

Step by step, you are guided by Audrey, your Wedding Celebrant with tact and complicity. We will create a unique ceremony, with your sensitivity, your wishes and our advice. The meeting with your officiant is important because you need to be confident and have the desire to open up to share those intimate moments.

We adapt the tone, style, rhythm for you. Everything is possible. Nothing is preconceived. Everything remains to be invented for it sounds like you.

Between your ideas and ours, we imagine a time for sharing and emotions.

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The secular ceremony, for whom ?

For mixed couples, gays, lesbians, allergic to cults, remarriage, greeting renewals ... It is marriage for all!

For all those who wish to celebrate their union otherwise than quick visit to the town hall ; a moment where your history and your love are central all.

If you share our vision of marriage, please contact us and we will be happy to send you our brochure

Honoraires sur devis



Organisation complète de la cérémonie laïque
Déplacement possible partout en France et à l’étranger


Rédaction des textes de cérémonie
Célébration possible en Anglais et en Français


Décoration de l’espace cérémonie en accord avec l’esprit de votre mariage
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